Joseph is my uncle. He is originally from Hungary but has
started a new life in the USA around 30 years ago. He went to
America because he was looking for something he missed in his life.
He found friends and they drove across the States from concert
to concert and from festival to festival.
Once Joseph fell in love with a Canadian girl. He wanted to make a visit
in Canada to surprise her but when he came to the border, the
Canadian executive did not allow him to cross over and sent him
back to the States. But he did not go back. He instead gave gas
to the car and broke through the barrier. Finaly he met the girl he was in
love with and they had a few good days, but the price he paid was
that he can no longer go to Canada anymore.
Joseph is now older and has a more peaceful life. He lives in a
typical American environment and out of everyone I know he is the
best cook. One thing he still continues to do from his past, is to
occasionally smoke a joint.